- Call (423) 265-4615 for carry-out orders.
- Full food menu served until 2:30am!


Specials 8/27-9/2

Apps  Matt’s Bowl of Lil’ Wieners   $7  Fun sized smoked sausages in buff-a-que sauce served with white bread for soppin’. If you can’t pay for the ...

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We’ve got a great selection of booze

Our full bar features over 50 beers and a vast liquor & wine selection. Whether you prefer great beer, a bold Cabernet or 21 year old Scotch we've got you covered. - Browse our Beer list
Come visit us at 334 Market Street, Chattanooga, TN Monday thru Sunday, 11am - 3am.

Try if you will to think back.


 Harken back to the darker days…

the days without a neighborhood Pub. Days without the consistently great Guinness pour, days when $2.50 Highlife draught was merely the gimmick of a corporate monster, the days when the word pub meant very little more than a once a year trip to the Irish pseudo-pub, days when beer and cheese were mutually independent (and certainly were not allowed to merge to make one glorious soup), days when you had to get a burger that was frozen until 10 minutes ago, days when sentences were not quite this long.

Now jump forward to November 18, 2005.  Hair of the Dog Pub opened it’s doors and embraced the city of Chattanooga with a hearty mouth hug for all to enjoy. Since that fateful day we have been serving up exceptional food and good times to all comers (who have a valid i.d.). We have consistently filled our bar with craft beers and premium booze championing both small and local breweries and famous regional distilleries.  We have been progressive and creative with food utilizing daily and weekly specials, menus honoring seasonal items, worldwide celebrations, and local ingredients as part of our daily life.

To imagine the downtown landscape without this blend of reasonable prices, great food, great beer, cocky but good service, and a unique and enjoyable atmosphere is like imagining life before cable, cell phones or water powered hovercraft vehicles.  On second thought, it’s just not worth it.  Don’t go back to that scary place.

We love our city and  its citizens as well as those who choose to visit us during their travels. We invite you back anytime, any occasion, to share your good times and bad with your neighborhood pub– that’s us by the way.

Due to the somewhat confusing laws regarding smoking in the state of Tennessee, we are a 21 and up establishment. Bring your ID friends.


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