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Specials 1/2-1/7

App   Dog Balls $8  No better way to ring in the new year than the tried and true classic.      Sammy Time   Swine Time   $9  Marinated char-grilled pork with Dijon horseradish sauce, grilled onions and shredded lettuce on Niedlov’s bun.    Have a     Hot Chicken Sandwich   $9  The Dog’s take on the Nashville classic. We fry an 4oz chicken breast then toss with hot oil and our seasoning blend. Served on a Neidlov’s kaiser with cole slaw and pickles. Granny NimNim says if you eat chicken on New Year’s you’ll be scratching out a living all year. But she also told me if I kept doing “that” I would go blind… 20/20 vision baby and still trying.   Have an IPA here-     Entrée     Campfire Pork $12  Char grilled cowboy
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