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Specials 12/11-12/17

  App  Hick-fil-a   $6  Like nuggets but real chicken w/ homemade Polynesian sauce.    Sammy Time  Filet of Cod Sandwich   $9  Niedlov’s artisan bun slathered w/ tartar sauce and topped with Pub battered deep fried cod with a slice of American cheese.     A Yee Haw Dunkel will was this down nicely    McRipped   $8  Braised country ribs slathered in BBQ sauce on cornmeal dusted bun w/ pickles and diced onion.      Try Yee Haw’s Winter Porter on tap here    In-n-In   $9  Two local Edgefield beef patties topped with American cheese, caramelized onions, manimal sauce, lettuce, heirloom tomatoes and pickle chips.      A Pale Ale is the answer here, when’s the last time you had a Sierra Nevada?      ———————————————————————————-     Special TUESDAY Tap that Glass Night   Tuesday night is
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