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Specials 8/21-8/27

It National Dog week so we celebrate with the slightly more edible kind.  It’s also national nickname week so we gave our handhelds and a few.    Whats your favorite nickname for Hair of the Dog Pub?  Share with us please!  facebook App  Wonder Wonton Wiener   $6  Egg roll wrappers stuffed w/ hot dogs, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce deep fried and served with BBQ sauce and coleslaw.    Have a Terminal Dead Sexy Scottish pint     Handhelds  Served w/ a choice of side  Dog the Ripper aka the Danger Dog aka the Master of Disaster   $7  Bacon wrapped dog deep fried then tucked in hot dog bun and topped w/ zesty homemade cheese sauce.     Gotta have a Ballast Point Even
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