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Specials 10/16-10/22

App  Fleischsalat  $6  Creamy German bologna dip served with rye toast points, and yeast roll for spreadin’.    Handhelds   The side is on these sandwiches   The Bismarck   $8.5  Grilled corned beef, Swiss topped with Amish slaw and French fries on rye. Yes, the fries are the sandwich. It is good. Just eat it.     Have a draught festbier here- Wiseacre Gemutlichkeit is the business    Wurst to First   $8.5  Char grilled split sausage, melted Swiss, French fries drizzled w/ onion brown gravy on a Niedlov’s Hoagie.     Any Oktoberfest Marzen will pair well here…we have a few      Entree  Gypsy Schnitzle   $12  Pounded pork cutlet, dredged in sweet hot mustard then breaded, fried and topped with zigeuner (bell pepper, tomato)  sauce. Served w/ broccoli and German potato salad.     A Pumpkin ale is good here- Really.  Try a Ballast Point Pumpkin Down 
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