If you can’t be with the one you love…love the one youre with  


Stuffed Potato Skin Flute   $9 

5 Potato boats stuffed w/ BBQ pulled pork, smothered in cheddar cheese topped with pickled jalapenos and sour cream. 


Handhelds  – Handhelds come w/ a choice of side 

 Cock Rings   $9 

Grilled chicken breast topped w/ onion rings, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and our zesty sauce on butter toasted Niedlov’s bun.      Bell’s Smitten will pair well here 

 Pulled Pork Butt Plug   $8 

3 BBQ pulled pork sliders topped with creamy coleslaw.    We recommend a Bell’s two hearted ale here 



Just the Tip(s)   $11 

Slow cooked beef tips and mushroom in red wine served over white rice.  

A Bell’s Kalamazoo stout will give this just the right finish

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