The Fate of the Stoniest 


Wake and Bake Rolls   $7 

Egg rolls stuffed with house made spicy chorizo, hash brown casserole, cheddar and scrambled eggs fried golden brown and served with maple peanut butter sauce. 


Bite Bite Pass  

Sammies served with your choice of side.  


The Bodybag   $9  

Peanut butter, grape jelly and 6 slices of bacon stuffed in a Niedlov’s hoagie.   The Champagne of beers is the way here- Have High Life- always $2.5 


Fat and Stoned   $14 

2 bacon cheese melts serve as the bun where the fried chicken and mayo are nestled awaiting your mouth hug.   Have a Green man IPA (and a nap) here 


Debris Burger   $12 

Half pound burger with maple peanut butter sauce, cheddar cheese and bacon finished with a handful of kettle chips on a Niedlov’s bun. Served with your choice of side.    Green Man Porter is a righteous pairing

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