- Call (423) 265-4615 for carry-out orders.
- Full food menu served until 2:30am!

Specials 6/26-7/2


Frankenstein Fries  $5 

Fresh cut fries topped with chili, cheese, bacon, onions and pickled jalapenos. 

Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: Throw… the third switch! –Igor: [shocked] Not the *third switch*! 



Served with a choice of side 

Excuse Me While I Whip This Out   $7 

½ lb meat bat char grilled slipped in a bun and topped w/ chili, onions and cheddar cheese. Welcome Sheriff.  

Have a Big black IPA here- Uinta Dubhe works 

Pita the Hut   $8 

Baked pita pizza w/ meatballs, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions, then topped with provolone and parmesan. The ultimate space gangsta.  

You need a pils here- Terrapin Sound Czech is a great one 



Springtime for Hitler   $12  

It’s Jagerschnitzle! Pounded pork cutlet breaded, fried and topped with brown gravy. Served w/ broccoli and German potato salad. Deutschland is happy and gay! 

Have a hefeweizen – Paulaner is the purest of the pure 


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